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The Vessel for the Blessing

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

“Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is Holy” - Abraham Heschel

woman with hair blowing


the connective tissue

between you

and divinity

Animated through


Life force Energy





Cosmic consciousness

into ancient bones of knowing

constantly Birthing


In a process

Of becoming

This one

luscious and delicious

momentous encounter

Is an honor

To be embodied

In matter

The divine

Experiencing itself

hidden wings and shorter claws

to hold

these precious moments

in holy palms

human is the

vehicle of god


wiping the sleep

from the third eye

slipping into the

luminous skin

of the divine

the silent sanctuary

the cathedral of light

the temple of your body

where realities collide

Undeniable wonderful

inalienable truth

that you are divine

Be your own witness

as the divine creates reality

through your desires

each day a masterpiece

of your own design

Harmonize your vibe

with the choir of angels on your side

breathe in the word Holy

reclaim it as your identity

The presence of love will cast out fear

hand on heart

be still

and know

that God is here



The wild dance

of being in a body



you are God



are the vessel

For the blessing

- Kelsey Marie

“The soul loves the body” - Meister Eckhart

sunrise over mountains

Birthed through the miraculous unfolding of cosmic creation, humanity was gifted a pure channel of light source energy. We were given hearts with immense capability and capacity, a safehold for storing the wisdom of creation, the light of life that is there to guide and inform our journey. Residing deep within this pool of oceanic intelligence is our unique and personal connection with Source/Divine/God/Universe/Creator/Great Mystery… whatever you name it, it is the “knowing that you know” that lives deep within you. The calm, silent center of presence, the unbroken alive awareness of eternal life that feels like the portal to infinity spiraling within you.

“Isness is God” - Meister Eckhart

The gift of embodiment is to serve as a unique sacramental reservoir for this holy energy, to express fully as a co-creator with the divine as it moves through you and out into the world. It is to feel the longing of life for itself and to birth it into being without ceasing. To live on the earth as an act of worship for the gift of this precious life.

flower breaking through concrete

And yet, we cannot swim in the shining waters of the light within, without reverence for the container of darkness that holds it. In our time as humans, our tender hearts will get broken. Sorrow and destruction surround us. We feel stuck in the prison of pain. Our minds twist and torment us, and we feel heavy in our aliveness. And so we fill the cracks in our hearts with numbness, or turn away from the pain, abandoning the place within us that we were forever meant to stay. We dim our own light, damning the flow of the sacred water of eternal life. We seek outside of ourselves, searching for worth and meaning in places that cannot contain the truth of reality. The last place we look for peace, sanctuary, or fulfillment, is within our own hearts.

“Every human person is noble and of royal blood, born from the intimate depths of the divine nature and the divine wilderness” - Meister Eckhart

The journey of this life is the circuitous route back to the very heart of our heart. It is meant to be deeply entered into, felt, and experienced. It is a journey of awareness and connection, rather than numbness and division. We have a sacred responsibility and an abundance of opportunity to engage in the process of excavation that will grant us access to this epicenter of peace. To throw off the shackles of that which is boundless within and abide in the jouissance of the fullness of experience. We must die many deaths so that our souls may resurrect, to return again and again to the darkness, so that we may reclaim the light that is always present inside of us.

dead tree with alive tree

It is not to say that this doing is always comfortable, it rarely ever is. It demands the courage to feel it all. Not to go over, or around, but directly through the strife. For only death can bring life to life. When a snake sheds its skin, it lives for a time in the raw, uncomfortable, newness of the cycle. The caterpillar sacrifices herself at the altar of becoming. Deconstruction is a natural part of life as what is burned to the ground births life from its ashes. As the seed bears within it the bloom, and life is contained inside the egg, the process of dying and being reborn will continue, and continue, and continue.

“I laugh when I hear the fish in the water is thirsty” - Kabir 6.9

Our task is to get out of the way, to surrender deeply to the current of light that flows inside of us and to let it pour out as the ongoing creative life force of the divine. To be so deeply present that wherever we are, and whatever we do becomes sacred with the awareness of the presence of love within us. The treasure we reap from this epic return to love is a richness that we can only become aware of from within, a deep acceptance and reverence for the universal power of the cycle of life that expresses through our unique human journey.

Try this Practice...

woman with hands to heart

Bring your attention to your heartspace

Be gentle and authentic in naming what you find

Now ask yourself

What brings me peace?

Not comfort, as you can be in an uncomfortable situation and still feel peace

What does peace feel like?

What does it look like?

Bring this awareness into your breath

Inhale the vision of peace deep into your body, into every cell

And exhale it out into the world

Engage in this sacred reciprocity

of breath and sending and receiving peace

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