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I have learned to be soft with myself
So I can hold you with tenderness 
I have learned to close my eyes
And listen with my heart 
My lips will speak your praise 
When you forget who you are 
I have met my rage 
And explored my range 
So I can witness and be with you in yours 
I have been cradled In the arms of love 
So I can be a soft place for you to land 
I have followed the footsteps
Of the brave ones 
Traveling the pathless path 
When the road is long and restless 
And you need a place to settle your weary bones 
Know that I will love you always 
As we walk each other home


I have always been a seeker and an advocate for personal liberation and collective freedom of consciousness and healing. I was a competitive gymnast for most of my young life, and was seriously injured leaving me alienated from my once very capable body. After a couple of years struggling with opioids and disconnection, I was introduced to yoga and plant medicine. The newfound relationship to my body and soul saved my life. 
Entheogenics became the portal through which I died many deaths, rebirthing as a more authentic expression of my higher divine self every single time. 
I met God.
I was God. 
I Am. 
All those years I had forgotten.
God was here all along. 
Here in my body. 
Here in my heart. 
These medicines will remind you, as they have reminded me
God is not something outside of you
God is IN you.

I pulled at the mycelial thread, as it were, and was launched deep into the study of mycology and ultimately the world saving potential of mushrooms. 

I started a mushroom supplement company, Magic Moon Mushrooms, to bring high quality adaptogen mushrooms to my people, and wrote my thesis on the experience of using Entheogenic Plants as a treatment for addiction.


I worked with an amazing team of passionate people - Decriminalize Nature - to decriminalize 4 cities in Michigan for entheogenic plant practices, and hope to achieve state wide decriminalization by 2024. 


My offerings are crafted through years of steadfast inquiry, study, embodiment, and certification in mind/body/soul practices like yoga, martial arts, dance, meditation, breathwork, mysticism, feminine studies, and energy medicine like reiki and craniosacral release therapy. 

I have also pursued and earned higher formal education such as a Masters degree in Public Health, a license in Massage Therapy, Certified Personal Trainer, various Trauma Informed modalities of Somatic applications and mental health best practices. 

I am a lifelong student of entheogenic plant medicines and wisdom holders and lineage keepers. I have studied with many plant spirits and wise elders, and continue to do so in the refinement and polishing of my expansive heart space and in support of my effort to be of service to you. 

Screenshot 2023-06-25 105813.png

I have been holding sacred and transformative spaces for personal and collective healing for a decade, weaving esoteric studies of spirituality and enlightenment with modern science and research. I work within the realms of both modern and ancient knowledge, maintaining the role of both a teacher and a student of the deep mysteries of existence and the embodied human experience. 

I believe we are all infinitely wise indwelling spirits residing in a human body for this paradoxically short and long life; and it is my mission to support you on your journey home, back into your whole, full-spectrum, awakened self. 

As a multi-modality creatrix, I serve as an anchor and a compassionate container for your process. I will nourish and encourage your growth and evolution, and tenderly witness and hold you where you are. 

The real essence of all of my knowing transcends language. It is deeply felt. 
It is the remembrance that we are all divine. That we all contain an inner healing intelligence that desires to bring us into the fullness of being. It is my wish to support you in removing the barriers that keep you from accessing your greatest and highest potential, that keep you asleep to your awakened divinity. 
It is my experience that when we are called upon to do this work as healers/helpers/guides/teachers/caretakers 
There is a socially conditioned voice that says 
“I am not good enough” 
“I am not worthy of this holy task” 
And when we answer the call, when we lean into our purpose, the strong, more authentic voice of your higher healer self turns up and says
“This is exactly why I have chosen you. This is not something you will do, it is something I will do through you.” 

May spirit continue to lead me and use me as a conduit of pure and unconditional love
Mitakuye Oyasin
Forever and ever 


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