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In today’s fast paced flashy society, we have lost the art of slowing down and cherishing precious moments. We have forgotten how to infuse the sacred into the mundane.


We live in a world of progress for the sake of progress. Out of control quickness that mistakes urgency for importance. 

The art of ceremony is like making love to the Divine, an infinite courtship of worship for the blessing of breath and body. It is orgasmic ecstasy wrapped in simple pleasure, a lover whom all the world unknowingly longs for. 

Embracing this mysterious and ancient love bears fruits of the sweetest nectar, the kind that we all used to feast on. These are the nutrients we are all suffering a deficiency from.


This forgotten bounty spills into our lives and nourishes us with juicy wholeness when we honor the transformative power of ritual, bring reverence to portals of change, and tend to the spiritual aspect of all of our experiences.


Mother Blessing Ceremony

We have many forms of celebration and ceremony for transitions in life - birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, etc. We even have baby showers which are for and focused on the baby and its eventual needs. Giving birth is one of the most life changing, transformational events a human can experience. Motherhood is a holy rite of passage. Its significance ripples out from the womb to the community and beyond as new life is formed and delivered to earth. 

A Mother Blessing intentionally weaves a web of loving care around the pregnant woman, imbuing her with an energy that will carry her forward into her days as a new mother. The mother blessing is distinct from a baby shower in that the focus is solely on the mother. The ceremony is held with a pure intention to honor the sanctity of life in motion.

To bring reverence to the act of Creation.

We all come from mother. 

We all return to mother earth. 

When we honor the mother, we honor everything that is.

How a woman is treated during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, ripples out into her future and the future life of her child. It creates a baseline for whether their lives will be colored by fear, stress and isolation, or presence, protection, and connection.

The “Blessing Way” ceremony was traditionally a Navajo Ritual that spiritually supported and empowered the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood.

This Mother Blessing is a ceremonial day of ritual and presence designed to honor, nurture and shower the mother-to-be with loving care and tenderness as she enacts the ancient power of creation. Surrounded by her closest female friends and family, she will enjoy a sumptuous day of pampering and care, acknowledged by all present with their words of support, affirmation, wisdom and prayer. Curated to meet each Mothers unique journey and desires, we will come together in sacred space to honor the ultimate power of creating life through ancient ritual, celebration, and relaxation. 

Please schedule a time to discuss a Mother Blessing Ceremony for you or someone you love to honor this sacred rite of passage

Guided Medicine Journey


Facilitated at my office in Ferndale, Michigan, your journey will be carefully orchestrated in a safe, soothing environment, designed as a therapeutic journey into the richness of consciousness and heart space. 

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