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In today’s fast paced flashy society, we have lost the art of slowing down and cherishing precious moments. We have forgotten how to infuse the sacred into the mundane.


We live in a world of progress for the sake of progress. Out of control quickness that mistakes urgency for importance. 

The art of ceremony is like making love to the Divine, an infinite courtship of worship for the blessing of breath and body. It is orgasmic ecstasy wrapped in simple pleasure, a lover whom all the world unknowingly longs for. 

Embracing this mysterious and ancient love bears fruits of the sweetest nectar, the kind that we all used to feast on. These are the nutrients we are all suffering a deficiency from.


This forgotten bounty spills into our lives and nourishes us with juicy wholeness when we honor the transformative power of ritual, bring reverence to portals of change, and tend to the spiritual aspect of all of our experiences.

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Sacred Medicines

The thinking mind can only take us so far. It is governed by the ego, and therefore limited by constructs and language, and can only paint from the pallet of its own experience.

Yet this ego is important. It stops us from walking into traffic, gives us a sense of personhood, and strategizes advancement. It is plastic and intelligently designed to expand and grow. All of the developments and technological advances in the last 100 years have been birthed from the minds of humankind. 

Acting on the directives of the thinking mind/ ego alone, however, without being informed by the soul, is dangerous. This is evidenced through the creation of a society that seeks to control through fear, that goes to war, that fosters separation and toxicity, where poison is in the food and water. 

There are many tools we can use for self examination, growth, and the development of a healthy ego. The use of sacred medicines can help us come into the right relationship with our egos, and allow our minds to be of service to the infinitely more intelligent soul center within us.

Through these medicines, our consciousness can expand, trauma can be addressed, nervous systems can heal, and we can become more awake and aware. When these experiences are integrated, we have a greater sense of compassion, interconnectedness, and find courage to make sustained change as individuals that ripple into the collective.

Sacred medicines are here to remind us that we are infinitely wise eternal beings, here for one brief moment to reveal the light and life of creation through an imperfect human expression. They connect us to the divine spark within, the expansive awareness of our greatest and highest good. 

Working with sacred medicines are embodied experiences. We are given the opportunity to release identification with the body and our temporary forms, and to dissolve into unconditional love. This letting go can feel like dying to the ego. 
This is the medicine. 

Whether it is through a telescope or microscope, sacred medicines offer us a new perspective. They bring teachings that only the student that is the soul can receive. They bring insights that cannot be gleaned by the thinking, analytical, judgemental, limited ego, but only by the divine essence within. They help us remember that we are the divine experiencing itself, spirit slowed down into matter. 

It is courageous to approach the altar of sacred medicines. To willingly enter the crucible of your pain and withstand the alchemy of transformation. To peel back the layers of accumulated armor to reveal the authentic divine essence within. 

These medicines are not for everyone. Allying with sacred medicines is but one tool, one color in the prism of light that shines eternally. No matter the path we travel in the raising of consciousness, the destination is the same. We are all one. 

Sacred Mushrooms

Mushrooms carry the spirit of benevolence. They have a sweet intention of tunneling their way through your lived experience into the very heart of your being to remind you that you are more than your name. 


Growth is the means of mobility for the mushroom. They carry the wisdom and technology of alchemy, taking what is dead and decayed and transforming it into new life. 

Through seasons of change and transformation, there are no greater allies in polishing the lens of the heart to see clearly into rebirth. 


Partnering with the childlike spirit of these teachers is knowing that you do not always get what you want, but you always get what you need. Mushrooms are the safest of all substances, and there are many ways to work with them that can bring healing and hope to your life. 


It is my great privilege and honor to serve as a steward for these incredible beings. 

Please schedule a complimentary consultation call with me if you are interested in a guided sacred medicine ceremony or explore options to work with them in more subtle ways. 

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Kambo derives from the secretion of the Amazonian giant waxy tree frog (Phyllomedusa Bicolor). The secretion is extremely rich in bioactive peptides and neuropeptides that produce incredible benefits for the body, mind, and soul. 


Kambo peptides interfere with the cellular aging process and gives the cells what they need to function properly and do what they are programmed to do. Kambo allows all systems to operate at peak efficiency, literally infusing the body with the fountain of youth. Kambo heals through prevention and regeneration at a cellular level.  


The medicine of Kambo has been used for over 2000 years and contains one of the highest concentrations of peptides found in nature. Tribes of the Amazon often refer to Kambo as "Hunting Magic" as it strengthens the physical body, clears and sharpens the mind, and cleanses negative energy revitalizing the spirit. Kambo creates spaciousness where we once felt stuck, stretching our capacity to be fully present in our lives. 

The Kambo I serve is 100% ethically and sustainably harvested from reputable sources directly from the tribes with great care and skill. The frog is always unharmed during the extraction process.

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