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An incredible force governs the essence of your life, always seeking homeostatic balance and well-being. Held in the safety and tenderness of sacred space, your innate inner healer is invited to emerge and flow into self-correction and regulation. 

I deliberately infuse these modalities with consciousness and intention to best serve your highest holistic healing potential. We will co-create the template for our time together based on your current condition and the needs of your specific constitution, allowing for the freedom of expression of all aspects of your divine nature, tending to your unique body, mind, soul continuum.


With time and intention to connect with and honor your innate body wisdom, healing occurs. The body never lies, instead it is regularly trying to get our attention and tell us what needs our love and attention. Accessing this wisdom is our greatest resource for healing.


It is my deepest belief 

that the medicine you seek 

is nestled into the core of your being. 

The soul is already precious gold, 

and true alchemy 

is transforming this energy of spirit 

into the human experience. 


birthing into form.

It is my sacred mission

to guide you into a deeper connection 

with this inner wise one.

To hold a space of 

unwavering compassion, presence, 

non judgment, and safety,

For the magnificent temple of your body 

to express its infinite wisdom

Allowing for the emergence of

your innate self healing abilities. 

To encourage and support

the excavation process 

as you remove layers 

of conditioning and

outdated beliefs

To aid in deconstructing barriers 

And dismantling structures

that cannot contain 

the multidimensional being that you are

so that you may be free to answer 

the summons of your soul

and step into the rich 

deliciousness of life 

So slather yourself in grace 

And let acceptance 

Wash over 

Every Single

Part of you 

Drenched in authenticity 

Radiating technicolor value 


And remember 

You Are The Medicine

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