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6-Week Program


Inner Healer Intelligence 

Next Session Coming Soon - Stay Tuned for Date!

Awaken your inner healer, activate your spiritual development, and empower yourself to reach your health goals with this 6-week intensive wellness program.


Allow me to hold space for you AND hold you accountable! Virtual program includes 1:1 coaching, daily behavior and mindset tracking with data analysis, weekly group sessions, 30 days of microdosing and support, journaling prompts, and so much more!


Read through the program outline below.


6 Weeks - Forever Results

Combining the power of mushroom medicine with movement, mindfulness, energetic hygiene and soul growth can empower you to become the person you know you can be.


Yet working on all of those areas alone can be scary and overwhelming at times. Through my 6-week program, I will assist you in cultivating all areas of your life through multiple modes of development. 

What To Expect

  • Free discovery call to explore if this is the right program for you at this time.

  • One month supply of microdosing capsules

  • Journal and palo santo (holy wood)

  • Two 1:1 sessions with Kelsey (program facilitator)

  • Weekly group call with cohort (10 max per group)

  • Daily behavior and mindset tracking with data analysis

  • Daily journal prompts to assist in specific areas of growth

  • Text access to Kelsey and group chat throughout

  • 4 Modules Specific to an Area of Your Development (see below)

  • A week of preparation prior to modules (includes cohort intro)

  • A week of integration after modules

  • Celebration - to honor your rebirth!

Week 1


Preparation starts the first week with your private 1:1 coaching call and a group introductory call.

You'll receive everything you need to be set up for success. 

Online Meeting

Week 3

Module 2 - Mind

Discover the perceived limitations that could be holding you back while taking inventory of your intentions.

This module offers practical ways to modify your behavior and mindset to help you achieve the best version of you!


Week 5

Module 4 - Soul

Inner healing requires a commitment to sorting through the shadows of your past and embracing a renewed mindset.


In this module, we'll assess your progress and develop ways to incorporate what you've learned into every day life so healing can be sustained.

Meditating on the Beach

Week 2

Module 1 - Body

Explore the positive benefits of incorporating fluid movement into your life.


Learn how to connect with the ground beneath your feet, tap into your body consciousness and release stagnation.  

Tree Pose

Week 4

Module 3 - Energy

Uncover the power of daily energetic hygiene and begin incorporating simple practices to enhance your energetic awareness. 

This module will guide you through the process and help you create a lifelong routine.


Week 6


We finish with a celebration of your rebirth!


During this week, you will have your final 1:1 call to analyze your data and recap your program experience. You'll also meet with your cohort one last time to celebrate each others' success! 

Image by Levi Guzman

Spiritual Investment

In Your Body, Mind & Soul

Are you prepared to invest in yourself today: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially? 


Total Investment $999

Payment plans available. 


Applications Opening Soon!

This program requires an application and discussion prior to securing a spot. Once I receive your application, I will email you with further instructions. Approval will be granted after discussion at which point deposit will be due to secure your spot. 

Should you have questions, please contact me via email. 

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