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The Temple

Womb space and Pelvic care

  • 2 hours
  • 200 US dollars
  • 800 Hilton Rd

Service Description

This 2hr appointment is required for first time visits. Follow up appointments can be scheduled at time of service, or booked directly as a "Continuing Care" session (see services page). Your womb space is the internal energetic seat of power that governs your external expression. It is time for you to reclaim a sacred relationship with this holy space. Connect deeply to all aspects of your body wisdom by deeply listening and honoring the unique feminine life force energy begging to be birthed from within you. This mixed modality session guides you tenderly back to the core of your being and the epicenter of all of creation. Leave feeling refreshed, grounded, and empowered to walk in your rightful place in your lineage as a Goddess on earth. Includes: Abdomen & Pelvis Bodywork Yoni/Vaginal Steaming Sound Healing & Guided Meditation Microdose Tea (optional) Restore balance and allow your body wisdom to move into self healing through a gentle external massage that helps guide organs back into proper position and enhances the flow of blood, lymph, nerves, and life force energy in the abdomen. Tension and restriction of low back and sacrum will be addressed through a light and non-invasive touch modality to help relieve congestion in the belly and the pelvic bowl. The alchemy of Yoni steaming can gently and effectively cleanse, tone, and revitalize the sacred womb space for centuries. Yoni steams increase circulation in the pelvic bowl and help clear the uterus of any old, indurated tissue that may be lingering there. This ancient ritual consists of relaxing comfortably as steam and herb alchemy infuse your body with healing Benefits of Yoni Steaming: Regulate menstrual cycles Increase libido, lubrication, and fertility Tightens and tones the vagina Speeds healing after birth Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis. Assist with the healing of a vaginal tear or C-section Maintain proper reproductive system pH and hormone balance Hemorrhoid healing support Relieve chronic yeast infections Ease symptoms of menopause Reduces dryness and pain during intercourse Clears and detoxifies womb and energy Releases stored emotions Taps into creative life force energy Do Not Steam if: You have an IUD or a baby in your womb You are on your period You have an active infection or outbreak Discretion is advised and any doubt should be checked with a medical professional.

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