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Microdosing Bodywork

Designed to address stored traumas and stagnant energies while inspiring profound relaxation.

  • 2 hours
  • 200 US dollars
  • 800 Hilton Rd

Service Description

This 2hr appointment is required for first time visits. Follow up appointments can be scheduled at time of service, or booked directly as a "Continuing Care" session (see services page). So much more than traditional massage, this session is designed to address stored traumas and stagnant energies that are trapped in the body using a variety of bodywork techniques including: massage, cupping, energy work, and sound frequency modalities, tailored specifically to meet your unique needs and goals. Within the luminous temple of your being, exists an unfathomable intelligence and multidimensional knowing. This wisdom speaks through the body, which is always moving towards wholeness and balance. The body is the memory holder for all that you have experienced and is the vehicle that continues to carry you through your human experience. When we tune in to listen to its unique and wise voice, we can begin to shift and release stagnant energy that no longer belongs to create space for divine presence and ease, alchemizing contraction to expansion, pain to pleasure, and rigidity to flow. We cannot activate our higher potential without releasing old narratives and un-serving systems which prevent us from accessing it and letting it flow from us. These stories and energies are held in the tissues of the body. An intentional microdose deeply infuses presence into this practice of listening to the body wisdom, allowing for a gentle awareness, tender witnessing, and compassionate curiosity as we peel back the layers to reveal the authentic self. This microdosing massage / bodywork session awakens and frees the innate wisdom that is stored in the recesses of your body, guiding you back to yourself through a loving deep presence without judgment or analysis. This experience inspires profound relaxation and calmness of your body, mind, and soul, freeing you from the stuck feelings of disconnection and dis-ease. This is an invitation to connect deeply with your inner divine intelligence and come home to the temple of your body with a renewed sense of wellbeing and connectivity.

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