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Holy Matresence

Coaching, Reclamation, Empowerment, Resurrection

  • 1 hour
  • 85 US dollars
  • 800 Hilton Rd

Service Description

A profound shift in consciousness is the vehicle that travels from the territory of the maiden into the realm of the mother. From fragile to resilient, drama to dharma, from the growth of spring, to the full lushness of summer. Many women stay little girls, stuck in time since they first experienced the coldness of hardened hearts. They were taught to look outside of themselves to be saved and liked, seeking external validation and permission to exist in their own skin. The work of the mother is to see ourselves through the eyes of the Great Mother, which is to see ourselves with an incredible amount of love. This is the love we needed when we were little, the love that our inner maiden still needs, and the love that the world needs now more than ever. A love of fierce nurturance, protection, and grace. The journey becomes learning to listen to and tend to our own cries, so that we can hear and heal ourselves. To move from wounded and reactive, to wise and responsive. To allow our truth to sing from our bones without apology or disgrace. To alchemize the pain of our maiden life into mother medicine we will share with the world. The epic transformation from maiden to mother. A rite of passage where we leave one world and enter another. It is an invitation into deep descent, and incredible rising. A fully embodied experience of both tenderness and strength, forgiveness and empowerment. A ferocious encounter with all that is true, where all illusions are destroyed and what is left is radiant aliveness. This is Holy Matrescence. This is not only biological. This is archetypal. We all carry within us the essence of the Divine Mother. It is a process of excavation and reclamation of our truth that evokes her presence within us and creates ripple effects that change the world. A transition from judgment, rigidity, and fear, to love, acceptance, and freedom. You are not here just to fit in with a sick society, to cast a shadow in the wasteland of capitalism, and participate passively in the doomed patriarchy. You are here to be celebrated as a human, as an individual, as an integral and necessary part of the collective. “It’s such a tragedy. You have all this power, and you don’t even use it.” - Practical Magic Wherever you are on your journey, I am here to remind you of your power. Pregnancy & Labor support Postpartum Planning Coaching for non-birthing people Microdose Tea (optional)

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