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Sacred Ceremony & Retreat



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It is not by chance that you’ve arrived on this page. The plant path calls to those who are ready. Those who are awake enough to be courted as a witness to the sweet simple complexity of the human experience.


Thus, I welcome you to join me on a journey of elevated consciousness and inner exploration together with the fungi teachers and ancestral guides.


I invite you to voyage into the depths of your mind, body, and soul in a safe, sacred space through the grace of masterful plant teachers, sound healing, and human connection. 



It's easy to lose touch with our innate divinity and connection to others in today’s world. Retreats help us to remember ourselves as sacred, interconnected beings and to cultivate our inner wisdom through sacred ritual. 

On retreat, you’ll engage in personal and group development, work through meaningful activities, sacred plant medicine ceremonies, and powerful integration processes to experience the effervescent phases of transformation.


During this 3-day, 2-night retreat, you can expect to experience an evolution of consciousness in a safe, supportive space with me as your guide.


Certified in clinical health practices and trained by elders of the medicine, I will help facilitate your journey by holding space as the medicine moves through you. 

While on retreat, you can also expect to participate in guided yoga, meditation, breath work, sound healing, sharing circles, energy work, connection activities, and spending glorious time in nature.

In addition, you can look forward to learning how to apply the lessons from your experience to everyday life to support long-term, positive behavioral change.


While you are still the ultimate one in control of your growth, these retreats can help remind you of your ability and innate power to make lasting transformations in your life.



Friday afternoon – 3-4pm arrival, opening circle.
Friday evening – supper, yoga nidra.
Saturday morning – breakfast, yoga, free time.
Saturday afternoon – plant medicine ceremony.
Saturday night – supper, releasing ceremony.
Sunday morning – breakfast, yoga, and integration circle, ends around 3pm



All food and drinks are provided (see meal schedule above). Fresh water and herbal teas are always available. Meals are all plant based and some accommodations can be made for certain food intolerances. Please let me know as soon as possible of food allergies.



Sleeping accommodations are co-ed, dorm-style with one twin bunk bed available per guest in a shared room with shared bathrooms. For an additional investment, 2 semi-private rooms with 2 queen beds each can be made available for up to 4 guests per room. (more details available in downloadable guide below)



Michigan retreats are held at a retreat center approximately 30 miles north of Ann Arbor. Exact location will be provided upon signature of liability release and receipt of deposit to protect the privacy of the host facility.

The lakefront retreat is nestled on 10,000 square feet of private land surrounded by acres of serene forest and spectacular wildlife. Guests enjoy access to nature, quiet spaces for inner exploration and a multipurpose room that encourages group connection activities. 

The retreat also offers a relaxing indoor pool and hot tub, private showers, and all the comforts of home.


While a sacred financial exchange is required to engage in the retreat, the spiritual investment extends far deeper than worldly monetary trade. Your spiritual investment includes your commitment to growth, your personal initiative, your willingness to be open to the experience and your trust in the process. 

$1444 per person included dorm-style lodging - $1777/person for semi-private lodging. Details of what's included in cost available in downloadable Retreat Guide below.


Click the button below to download our full retreat guide before applying.


Retreat guide includes all the remaining details not covered on this page including detailed information on your facilitator, what to expect, what to bring, frequently asked questions and more. 

After you read through the entire guide, return to this page and click Apply Now below to complete your application. Please note a zoom consultation is required once you submit your application, before securing your spot in the retreat. 

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