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“The situations that front line doctors and nurses are facing is unprecedented,” says Dr. Anthony Back, who’s leading the study. “The symptoms of depression, burnout and moral injury call out for research that looks at whether psychedelics can play a role in healing the healers.”

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"One early-phase study even found that psilocybin, at high doses, may be as effective as a selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitor for treating depression. Full doses of psychedelics help the brain develop new cellular connections, a process called neuroplasticity, and there’s some evidence that microdoses produce similar changes."

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"psilocybin therapy was four times more effective than traditional antidepressants. Two-thirds of participants showed a more-than 50-percent reduction in depression symptoms after one week; a month later, more than half were considered in remission, meaning they no longer qualified as being depressed."

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"There appears to be a set of long-ignored tools to treat causes rather than simply addressing symptoms, and psychedelics could do for psychiatry what the microscope did for biology, he says. “They work to treat the underlying commonalities of a range of mental illnesses and potentially prevent their occurrence, too.”

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Current Research

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Cancer, Eating Disorders, Addiction, Overall Well-being

Psilocybin has recently come under close observation as grassroot organizations, scientists and mental health professionals discover the positive effects of psilocybin on the mental, emotional, physical balance. Research has shown psilocybin to improve cases of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, cancer, eating disorders, addition and so much more. 

We've compiled a list of current research that indicates how powerful this plant medicine is for human kind. Check back often as the list gets updated regularly as new research surfaces.

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