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Capaciousness for Compassion

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

“If the only prayer you say is ‘Thank You,’ that would be enough”

-Meister Ekhart

It feels simply inadequate to offer my gratitude as repayment for all of the love and support I have received after sharing about my motorcycle accident last week. My entire being has been deeply nourished with the elixir of love that has poured from this community.

When tending to the pain and grief of another, holding a space of genuine presence and sincere kindness is a singularly powerful force. If you disbelieve the power of this medicine, stand in the wind for the gentle reminder that what cannot be seen can still be felt. Please know that your prayers and energetic reaches have found me and brought me much needed warmth and light.

bruises on legs

We are no doubt divinely crafted beings, resourced with the ability to experience and engage with all 5 senses as well as those beyond tangibility. I am continually awed by the innate healing intelligence of the body/mind/soul continuum. It is in our greatest pain and darkest night that the benevolent and wise forces within are stirred awake, seeking harmony and repair.

With the ability to mend broken bones and hearts both, the inner healer within flows from the center of the wound, wrapping itself gently around your wholeness. The medicine that is made in the fires of these deep wounds, the grace that emerges from your own pain, is the exact gift we have to give others. For when you have suffered deeply, even once, you can never forget or fail to recognize the suffering of another.

story quote

It has moved me deeply to witness the capaciousness for compassion that our human hearts can hold. It has reminded me that we are never alone as we journey through the depths of pain, and the breadth of joy. Making full contact with this awareness has me eternally transformed.

Through this experience of tremendous hurt and tremendous tenderness, my heart is being made capable of containing even more joy and even more sorrow. A heart capacious enough to contain the complexities of the mystery. A heart that is nourished by the nectar of the dualities of life and so feeds the world. This journey continues to soften me, sensitizing me to what is truly beautiful, teaching me to slow down, and most importantly, to give and receive love well.

legs with bruises

And so, I remain in service to you, not as a healed person, but as a person pursuing intimacy with my own pain, so that the medicine birthed through the wound may work in service for the highest and greatest good of all.

With hope that Meister Ekhart is right,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Kelsey Marie


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