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The Power of Presence

"Attention, taken to its highest degree, is the same thing as prayer" - Simone Weil

There is a sacred language between the breath and the heart beat. A deep soul remembrance of divine truth, that our intentions are heard and accepted, and our path manifests in the stars. An ancient dialogue of giving and receiving, of being heard and listening, that is cultivated through a careful and devotional practice of presence.

When we offer our hearts, both wounded and whole, heavy and grateful, to the infinitely wise cosmic consciousness that listens to us all, we open ourselves to receive the hand of the universe that will guide us into alignment with our souls contract.

The gentle caress of synchronicity arrives as proof of our mission, and redirections appear as blessings in disguise to serve our highest purpose. The felt sense of presence is a compassionate curiosity to every moment. When we step into the fullness of presence, stand in our Divine I AM awareness, we engage in this endless conversation with God.

Presence carries a wakefulness to the world around you, an openness that is like a clear blue sky. The boundless luminosity of presence allows all kinds of weather systems to pass through - happiness, sadness, grief, fear, joy, excitement - and just like the sky, presence can hold them all as they come and go.

This presence is alive within us. It longs for our attention. In the cacophony of the demanding world that screams and tugs on our shirt sleeves declaring importance, the soft voice of presence whispers, and sits back waiting for us to come and join it.

My friends, more than anything, presence is love.

It is a tender acceptance of what is, a willingness to suspend attachment and rejection, a welcoming of the world around us that creates fertile ground for divine guidance and higher truth to emerge.

Presence to the full spectrum of experience is the connective tissue to God. Being present to our own heart is the channel through which we receive our divine instruction, which we perceive alignment and grace.

“Growing comfortable with the paradoxical nature of life nourishes our capacity to experience the sacred. The ability to experience extremes, to sit with them with compassion and curiosity, to experience them with full presence and reverence as a student of their teachings... is the stretching that allows us to hold the center of an even greater love.”

- Kelsey Marie

The power of presence is direct communion with the divine residing inside the heart of our hearts, the gift that we give ourselves that will usher our souls into authentic liberation. It is to be so alive in the present moment, that you abide in the deep soul remembrance that you are God.

Staying present to the pain and grief of loss from what has been burned, awakened me to the loving awareness of what is asking to be birthed from its ashes. Once a gypsy ship at sea, the power of presence has delivered me to the shore of the Beloved, to serve as a lighthouse, shining a constant light for those seeking haven in a safe harbor.

The call to presence requires deep compassionate listening and ceaseless surrender to the process as it organically unfolds. As my practice of presence deepens and as spirit leads, I will be introducing more opportunities to cultivate presence in body, mind, and soul in individual and collective spaces.

People don't need help

They need love

They need to be reminded

What it feels like to be

in the presence of love

- Richard rudd

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