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Psilocybin Dosing and Their Common Effects

While every person and experience differs greatly, below you'll find a list of common dosages based on current research, and my professional experience. If you are unsure about how you will react or what dose is right for you, contact me for a consultation. While the decision is ultimately up to you, it can be helpful to discuss the potential side effects before taking your journey.

Micro Dose - 0.05-0.25g

Common Effects: mood enhancement, focus, presence, lightness

*Best used with awareness practices to connect to self and to monitor subtle effects.

Mini Dose - 0.25-0.75g

Common effects: mild euphoria, visual enhancement, heightened senses.

Museum Dose - .75-1.5g

Common effects: vivid colors, visuals, altered senses, creativity.

Moderate Dose - 2.0-3.5g

Common effects: kaleidoscopic visuals, mild hallucinations, minor synesthesia, distorted sense of time.

Mega Dose - 3.5-5.0g

Common effects: heavy hallucinations, loss of time, out of body experience.

Heroic Dose - 5.0g+

Common effects: complete altered senses, complete disconnect from reality, ego disillusionment.

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