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Mushrooms can save the world

Mushrooms are mysterious. Some can kill you. Some can heal you. They can build houses, and clean up everything from fallen debris in the woods to oil spills. They can transport you on a spiritual journey, and expand your consciousness to liberating dimensions. This new wave of psychedelic exploration brings us to the precipice of unlimited potential to heal, connect, and understand. As interest grows, so does the need for education. I am dedicated to being a humble servant of this medicine and to educate and support those who are guided by this benevolent plant teacher.


human NATURE

For millennia, people of the earth have been explorers, ever striving and evolving. We have reached past deserts, through jungles, over mountains, and across oceans. We have likewise explored our internal landscape. We yearn for new awareness and deeper understanding. Indigenous people have used what was given to them by mother earth, whatever was found in their local surroundings. 

​"There is evidence of ritual ingestion of psychoactive plant and fungi- based practices from nearly every place where humans have lived on this planet." - Francoise Bourzat

Early Use Around the World
Evidence of psilocybin mushroom use by early humans has been found in Mexico, Central America, Algeria, Spain, Bulgaria, Siberia, Lithuania, Northern Scandinavia, Africa, and North America. For thousands of years, these indigenous communities have accessed expanded states of consciousness through the sacred mushroom to connect with the spiritual realm, manage relationships, live in harmony with nature, and make important decisions. Through expanded states of awareness and with guidance from the plant teachers, native people developed a deep relationship with the land, with the understanding that we are not separate from it.


Pure Intentions

My intention carries great reverence for these ancient teachings, along with an immense desire to bring awareness to higher states of being and to our sacred duty to protect mother earth. 



science and spirituality

What it is and How it Works

Psilocybin is the naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in the Psilocybe genus of mushrooms. Psilocybin works by activating serotonin receptors, most of which are condensed in the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain that affects mood, cognition, and perception).


Psilocybin Positive Effects on the Brain

Psilocybin creates new neuronal pathways in the brain and allows parts of the brain to communicate with each other that normally don't -one result of this is lowered activity in the Default Mode Network:

"This is a region of the brain that is thought to maintain a sense of separate self, and a region that when overly active, is associated with depression, ruminations, and obsessive-compulsive thought patterns. When activity in the Default Mode Network is reduced, many people report a decreased sense of separate self-identity and an increased feeling of oneness with their surroundings. They report novel insights, an ability to perceive previously unseen connections, and increased access to raw emotional states and memories without the normal tendency to analyze them."- Francoise Bourzat

Ongoing Research

Research on psychedelic mushrooms for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is building. Research in psychedelic therapy is ongoing at many centers around the world, including: Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, Imperial College (London), and Icahn School of Medicine/Mount Sinai, among others. There is also research on healthy volunteers, exploring how mystical states improve relationships, creativity, and spiritual practice.


No Panacea

Working with plant medicine might shed light on your thought and behavior patterns, but in the end, it’s still you who has to look at them and make a determined attempt to shift those patterns that don’t serve your highest potential.

A Part of Our Journey

Just as our wounding occurs over time and in many ways, so too must our healing. It is through a combination of tools and modalities that we bring loving awareness and compassionate curiosity to where we are now and where we wish to go. In the end, only the journey is different - the destination is the same. 

We Direct Our Experience

Intentional use of psilocybin causes an increased awareness that allows you to simply observe your mind, without judgment or analysis. When you realize that you are, in fact, not your thoughts, when you can differentiate yourself from your thoughts and fantasies, you can then transcend them and experience authenticity and boundless potential.


No quick fixes or cure - all exists for our embodiment of the human experience. It is part of our own personal and individual journey to learn how to un-become everything that we are not.

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