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Intentional Use

You Are the Medicine

There are many factors that can influence the psychedelic experience. Thoughtful consideration to each can greatly impact your journey. Keep in mind that working with this plant medicine is not something that happens to you. Rather, you are encouraged to play an active role in your experience and are enabled to control its trajectory. 

Experience Guided Plant Medicine With Me in a Sacred Space



First, understand WHY you are seeking this medicine. You will always receive the experience you NEED, although it may not always be the one you want. To set an intention and maintain clarity around why  you are using plant medicine, will help guide your experience toward greater fulfillment.



Your mindset is key with all psychedelic experiences. Your intention with the medicine, your preparedness and willingness to work through what it reveals, your self- regulation skills, and ultimately your ability to surrender to the experience will affect your unique journey.



The setting and whom you’re with both seriously color your experience. You need to feel and to be safe during your journey, and the presence of a trusted person can help to ensure that you can more fully surrender in order to devote your energy and attention to where it needs to be.  



It is important to be intentional when working in partnership with plant teachers. Bring your awareness to your WHY. Having clarity around your intention allows you to actively engage with the medicine. Grounding exercises and self connection tools are highly encouraged



Journaling, mindful movement, meditation, breath work, sound therapy, and spending time in nature are all ways to integrate the mystical mastery of the medicine. Working with a therapist or coach is highly recommended to help support your journey of transformation and healing

Psilocybin Dosing

Psilocybin is a powerful medicine and should be taken with respect and the utmost care. As described above, the set, setting and intention are extremely important to creating an atmosphere of healing, as are the preparation beforehand and the integration afterwards. 

While working with a professional is best to ensure a safe, supported experience, for those who are interested in exploring independently, it's important to understand how much your taking and why. 

View a list of dosages and their common side effects here.

Dosing Journal/Worksheet
created by Kelsey Marie


Microdosing is a low, frequent dose that will not alter your sensory perceptions or hinder your daily activity. Even at low doses, it has been shown to have a marked effect on the body, mind and soul in many ways. 

Explore the vast benefits of microdosing here.


Have questions? Not sure how to microdose?

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. 


Ready to get started with microdosing? Click the button below. 

1:1 Guided Experience

My highest privilege is to serve as a midwife for the spirit, to attend to your needs, be they physical, personal, or interpersonal, while creating an atmosphere of stability, compassion, and safety.


Here to Support You

Thanks to years of experience and education, I am skilled in knowing when and how to assist your process. I will be present and available during your journey, acting as a loving witness who is by your side and ready to support you.


Surrender to the Experience

Together we will create a template that will give you the confidence you need to surrender to the experience. I will serve as a safe and grounding presence, trusting the process and in your own innate ability to move toward healing.


Together, we - you on your inner mystical journey, and I as your compassionate tether - will explore expansive states of consciousness and awaken to infinite possibilities.

Sacred Ceremony & Retreats

We live in a world where it’s easy to feel separate from ourselves, each other, nature, and the divine. These offerings will take you on a journey to remember yourself as a sacred being in the interconnected, mycelial web of life.

Sacred Medicine, Inner Wisdom

We will cultivate our inner wisdom through holistic preparation and integration practices, and experience an evolution of consciousness, shifting how you see and understand yourself and the world. In coming together to heal, we honor the wisdom of Sacred Fungi and the lineage keepers of this medicine. 

I Invite You To Explore

I am humbled and excited to extend to you this invitation of benevolent guidance to gracefully engage in transformation by tending to the infinite being inside the temple of our bodies. This invitation asks you to join me in exploring and navigating our inner transformation and outer experience through the grace of masterful plant teachers, sound healing, and body work.


Together, we will journey through yoga, meditation, breath work, plant medicine ceremony, sharing circles, connection activities, and spend glorious time in nature. 

On your Own

Aside from chewing on some dried caps and stems, here are a few alternatives that may make it a little more enjoyable. You will need a scale and a grinder.

  • Soak in lemon juice for 20 mins* Take like a shot.

  • Make mushroom tea (Use 1 teabag with 8 oz of hot water. Let steep for 6-7 mins)

  • Grind and stir powder into applesauce

  • Enjoy in capsules

*Lemon juice helps to break down the cell wall of the mushrooms, making it easier to digest. This can reduce nausea and stomach upset, as well as make the experience come on faster and be more intense.



The mushrooms available are 100% organically homegrown, and cared for by me personally. I have dedicated myself as a medicine maker to understand and create the best possible environment for my mushrooms to grow.


I pour my soul into cultivating this consciousness expanding, heart opening medicine. Mushrooms are communicators. As we love them, speak to them with tenderness, hold them with dignity, and bow to them in gratitude, they will communicate the same to you. 

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