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Inner Activation Experience

A Low-Dose Journey


This Inner Activation Experience is a container for those interested in experiencing an intentional and healing communion with plant medicine.


Perhaps you have received great benefits from microdosing, and are interested in exploring a larger more sensational dose, without diving into the depths of a full journey.

Held in a sacred space in Ferndale, MI, this experience is carefully and thoughtfully curated to your unique needs and interests to make the most out of your time in the medicine. 

Available as a 1:1 session or in small groups of 4 people or less. Each session will last approximately 3.5 hours.

How it Works

There are 2 steps to securing your experience 

1. Complete application below; and pay the deposit to secure your journey.

2. Book your Pre-Journey Consultation where we will explore your intentions and discuss journey details


The Experience

This is an opportunity to become familiar and build a relationship with the benevolent effects of these master fungi teachers in a safe and supported environment with gentle guidance and a loving witness.


This will enable you to access and activate your authentic self, free from the barriers of the egoic and analytic mind and deliver you to greater awareness and understanding of your innate wholeness and connection to source. 

A variety of healing modalities and ancient technologies will be used in support of this experience, all designed to connect you to your inner healing wisdom and allow you the freedom of expression in your most authentic form. 

This experience is a point along the medicine path for you to stay grounded in presence and your awareness of self, while expanding your consciousness and opening your heart to your unlimited potential and authenticity. 

In this Inner Activation Experience, you are invited to tap into the vast intuitive wisdom within, cultivate your emotional compass, activate your inner wise one within, and ignite your own transformation through deep self-seeing and soul excavation.


You will be empowered to awaken to your most authentic and radically-alive version of yourself and discover infinite creativity, genius, passion, purpose, and ease of being. 

Spiritual Investment

Your journey requires a spiritual investment of time, intention and financial reciprocity. As a facilitator of plant medicine, I ask that you be fully committed to the experience, surrendering your mind, body, spirit, and time to the journey, in addition to the $350 ceremony cost.

Complete the Application Below

This service requires an application, $150 deposit, and in-person, Pre-Journey Consultation prior to booking.


Once your application has been submitted and deposit paid, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your Pre-Journey Consultation. 

Basic Info


Have you ever expeienced large doses of psychedelics before?



Have you experiencd or are you urrently experiencing any of the following:

Emergency Contact

Someone who can be contacted should any emergency arise. 

Release Form

By signing this, I agree that I have answered all questions to the best of my knowledge and that I will inform the facilitator of any changes in my condition or medication.


I also agree that:

I have had the opportunity to ask any questions and have received satisfactory answers.


I fully understand that use of psilocybin can result in a profound change in mental state and may result in unusual psychological and physiological effects.


I understand the risks and benefits, and I freely give my consent to participate in psilocybin use outlined by the facilitator.


I understand that the facilitator cannot diagnose any illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorders and that nothing said in sessions should be construed as such. I understand that psilocybin use is not a cure for anything, but a therapeutic and spiritual tool to be used in conjunction with other supportive activities. I understand that certain conditions or medications may contraindicate (not permit) psilocybin use.


I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently prepared or trained for participation in this activity, and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional. I certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude my participation in this activity.


I respect the decision of the facilitator and am fully responsible for participation status. I understand that my  facilitator is providing this experience for me at my request, and is not responsible for the outcome of  the session.


I understand that under no circumstances is there to be sexual solicitation between myself and the facilitator or other participants.


I agree to abide by the guidelines and safety restrictions imposed by the facilitator and location. I understand the importance of confidentiality and will not share any information regarding this event unless otherwise approved by the facilitator.


I agree to participate in the process, and understand the facilitator cannot “fix” “heal” or “save” me.  I hereby assume all of the risk of participating in any/all activities associated with this event, and hold the facilitator harmless.

By signing below and submitting my application, I expressly agree to all terms and conditions above. 

Click the checkout button below to submit your application and pay the $150 deposit to secure services. 

Received. Check your email for further instructions. If you do not receive an email within 2 hours, please check your spam.

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